Learn This, And You Can Skip a Lot of the Drama

Lately, things have been so busy for me. I’ve taken to writing out a schedule the night before just to stay on top of it all. And it seems like every hour has been accounted for.

As much as I like all that I’m doing, this “schedule filled to capacity” thing can wear on me quickly. And I know I’m not the only one who suffers from this.

Why is it so hard to keep things simple? Why is it that so many of us pack our schedules to the brim? And how on earth do we start to invite simplicity back into our lives when we find ourselves stuck at warp speed on the proverbial hamster wheel?

In today’s episode [go to http://www.confessionsofawarriorwoman.com/blog/simplicity/ to hear my podcast], I share with you some solid tips on how to make life more simple. Why? Because the important things in life are not complicated. We just like to think they are.

The better we get at maintaining the simple-ness, the more we can stay in touch with our true essence – the part of us that keeps us on track with what really makes us happy. Maybe it’s time for you to re-evaluate how you’re using your time too.

I’ll admit, protecting my time and space to maintain a simple life is not always easy. I’m quickly tempted by new adventures, activities, things to do and experience. But now, I’m learning to question my impulses and let them simmer for a bit before I jump in.

How will you reconnect to more simplicity in your life? Let me know in the comments below.

Big love sisters,


P.S. It’s worth giving this some serious thought before we move into the ultra-busy holiday season. Let’s make space for what really matters.

-Amy Lombardo amy@confessionsofawarriorwoman.com


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