Working the ASIAMED Way

ASIAMED’s Staff Code of Conduct.

Overall our Staff Code serves to promote professionalism and excellence so that all staff are motivated ‘to do the right thing’ and feel safe and respected while at work. Compliance with the Code will foster and maintain staff and public trust and confidence in the integrity and professionalism of ASIAMED, its Management and employees.

What ASIAMED Values:

Gravitas – you have a sense of purpose when you are working towards a goal

Fides – you experience the trusting relationships and reliability of our team

Hilaritas – you have a good sense of humour

Concordia – you have team spirit

ASIAMED Behaviours:

Industria – you have the energy to realise our goals

Pietas – you have the dedication to complete your tasks excellently

Virtus – you have the courage to continue when the going gets tough

Discipinia – you know how to manage your time and tasks according to priority

The alignment of ASIAMED Values and Staff Behaviours creates a positive, productive, healthy and enjoyable work environment at all times.

Read more about ASIAMED’s commitment to The Employer’s Pledge for Fair Employment Practices here

AsiaMed adopted the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices by TAFEP in March 2012.

Website, Blogging and Social Media Policy for ASIAMED

Why This Policy is Necessary

ASIAMED understands that many of our employees enjoy sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for our industry online and we encourage these activities. We also encourage employees to expand their knowledge and understanding of our industry by interacting with their colleagues online and in traditional meeting environments.

At the same time, management is responsible to protect the privacy, security and image of our company, customers and stakeholders. This policy is intended to foster an open and expressive environment while at the same time maintaining corporate security.

Private Use of Social Media, Websites and Blogs by Employees

Employees that are tasked with maintaining blogs and websites, or establishing a social media presence on behalf of the company, are guided by a separate policy addressing these responsibilities. Unless you are specifically asked to do so, you are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. When sharing information about our industry or your area of expertise, please make it clear that you are offering your own opinions.

Non-disclosure of Confidential Information

Never reveal information that is covered by the non-disclosure agreement that you signed before coming to work at AsiaMed. In addition, never disclose information that has not already been made public by the company. This includes, but is not limited to, new product announcements, financial data and staffing changes. Do not use company logos or trademarks without permission.

Maintaining Positive Communications

At all times, be respectful of our company as well as its employees, customers, vendors and competitors. Remember that you are ultimately responsible for your online behavior and should avoid content or actions that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous or threatening. You can be sued by employees, competitors or any other individuals affected by such content.