Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance is implemented with guidance from ISO26000. Our focus is especially on core activities such as sales promotion, manpower practices and our response to environmental crises. These activities are also referenced to the respective ISO26000 principles.

As a medical device distributor, we procure finished medical devices from the USA, Europe and Japan.  Since medical devices are vital to maintaining health, their improper use can create problems for patients as well as society as a whole. We consider it a fundamental obligation to prevent such problems. Our duty is to supply high-quality products while employing suitable methods to provide, collect and convey device information in an accurate and speedy manner.

Sales and promotion ref: Fair Operating Practices [GC Principles 3-10]

ASIAMED works hard to ensure that its promotion activities are fair. We comply with the guidelines established within the Singapore medical device industry. The advertisement and promotion of medicinal products are controlled under the Medicines Act 1975 and its subsidiary legislation, the Medicines (Medical Advertisements) Regulation 1977. We have also established our own Staff Conduct Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions.

Supporting Work-Life Balance ref: Labor Practices [GC Principles 3-6]

ASIAMED adopted the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices in March 2012. Our alliance with TAFEP ensures the fair treatment of all our staff including those who are subcontracted. Our manpower practices include hiring and promotion of staff, grievance procedures, termination of employment, training and skills development, health and safety. The encouragement of skills development and establishing reasonable working hours and policies that promote health and well being.

AsiaMed commitment to the TAFEP guidelines

Response to environmental crises ref: The Environment [Principles 7-9]

The prevention of emergency situations that could result in a considerable impact on our management, or responding immediately when such a situation occurs, is an important aspect of the our corporate governance.  Our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Policy is part of our response, to prevent the interruption of business activities in the event of any accident or disaster, or, where interruption is unavoidable, to resume business at the earliest opportunity, in addition to our existing Policy on Crisis Management. Through these initiatives, we will continue to fulfill our mission of maintaining a reliable supply of medical devices to our customers.

Scope of Crises as Defined in our Crisis Policy.

Crises denote situations in which:

  • The life, personal safety, or human rights of management or employees is endangered by an incident or accident.
  • Serious damage is caused to company assets, business management, or business activities.
  • The reputation or public confidence in the ASIAMED brand is seriously damaged.
  • Stakeholders, customers, shareholders or the public are seriously affected.