AsthmaCare Buddy

Download AsthmaCare Buddy app now!

Manage your asthma with AsthmaCare Buddy iPhone app, the first mobile application developed by SingHealth Polyclinics. Update your medications and action plan for reminders so that AsthmaCare Buddy can help guide you on what you should do when you are feeling well, unwell or during an emergency. Show the monitoring charts to your doctor or nurse via your phone to work out a good care plan.

You can have easy access to useful information on asthmamanagement and the video library on how to use the various types of inhalers.Use the reminder feature so that you won’t miss your scheduledvaccinations.

Other features:

Asthma Check – simple questions to assess your asthma condition Asthma
Action Plan – recommendations to guide you in your care
Record – visual charts to show how you are doing in your care
Asthma Information – articles and videos on asthma care management

Available on iPhone now! Click here to download!



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