Are You Candy Crushing?

Do you have a sweet tooth these days? “Tasty, “sweet”, “divine” will be familiar words if you are currently playing the Candy Crush game, one of the top 7 most addictive facebook apps. The Candy Crush fever has swept the nation, so much so that while commuting, you will probably find that the person sitting next to you is playing the game.

According to the developer of Candy Crush, there are more than 10 million people playing the game everyday. Candy Crush is supported by most smartphones, thus making it convenient to play on the go. The game has easily become an addiction and people take every opportunity to play it. Many people strive to clear the over-200 levels. They play the game on their phones or tablets when they are outside, and when they go home they log on to their computers and continue playing.

There is nothing wrong with playing games but if you are spending a majority of your time doing so, you ought to take note of the following points:


Staring into the tiny screen of your phone for a long period of time can affect your vision. You can develop myopia or other eye problems. Recently, it was reported that a 30-year-old woman spent 8-9 hours staring into her tablet and developed a cataract, a condition more common in the elderly.

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Neck, shoulder and joint problems

Staring into the screen with your head bent for an extended period of time can lead to neck, shoulder and joint problems. You may suffer from a stiff neck, shoulder and muscle ache.

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Sedentary lifestyle

Overindulgence in the game can cause you to lead a sedentary lifestyle. You are likely to find it so difficult to part with your game that you may not wish to leave it aside and do other physical activities.


You can become oblivious to your surroundings when you are glued to your phone. This is very dangerous especially when you are walking or crossing a road.

Social life

Once you are consumed by your game, you are likely to withdraw from your social world. While others are interacting with each other over lunch, you will be busy playing your game. This can be viewed as rude. Over time, you may isolate yourself from your social world, and vice versa.


How much time do you spend playing the game every day? Addiction to the game can make you lose your balance in life. Games should only form a small part of your life. It is alright to play a game or two if you know how to allocate your time properly. If you start to neglect your school work, work, family and relationships, you are missing the essence of life. There is much more to life than a game.

– Source:This article was written by Kelsey for Get Fit! at NS Portal.


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