Pain free and happy work environment tips

People who spend a lot of time behind a workstation or computer should carefully plan their workstation design. This video shares tips to design a pain-free and happier environment. 

Improve Your Risky Office Desk Behaviours

Neck pain due to poor posture and bad work habits

Associate Professor Tan said, “We are certainly doing a lot more surgeries for slipped disc and bone spurs than we used to. Typically, we see more office workers who are working with computers suffering from this problem, with almost half of the patients who come for cervical surgery coming because they are at risk for paralysis.”

He explained that desk-bound workers are more at risk. “The office worker tends to stare for long hours at the computer screen. In that position, his head is likely to be in an off-centre position, exerting a heavy strain on the cervical spine. This causes compression loading onto the discs which may cause a tear to one or more of the discs resulting in a ‘slipped disc’.”

Neck Pain Relief – Advice & Tips – Video

Neck pain can have different causes including poor posture, degenerative changes or traumatic injuries. Learn how your neck functions as well as simple steps to relieve neck pain.

Stretching exercises – Video

Learn how to relax that stiff neck and painful back muscles with a series of simple stretching and relaxation exercises that you can do at your desk or sitting on your chair.


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