Finding job opportunities by networking with other physicians online

Many physicians intentionally choose to avoid online social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Physicians want to maintain their privacy and they don’t want patients “finding” them on these public sites.

If you’re thinking about a career transition or if you’re looking for non-clinical jobs that may provide supplemental income, it is very important to expand your social network by engaging others on social networking websites. There are ways you can do this while you still maintain your privacy.

Physicians are finding job opportunities by networking with other physicians online. Online social networking is also a valuable tool for those who want to spend some time conducting informational interviews. You may find interesting people who may be willing to provide you with information about how he/she reached that point in his/her career. You may find physicians working in industry who would be willing to speak with you about day-to-day responsibilities, tasks, challenges, and opportunities. You may even find physicians who are willing to introduce you to hiring managers and other executives in their own organizations.

If you’re thinking about a career transition, don’t be afraid to meet new people online. You may find the perfect opportunity by expanding your network and by learning about companies and career opportunities that you didn’t know even existed.

To start, I would encourage you to join LinkedIn. Then, join Facebook and adjust your privacy settings based on your personal preferences.

Joseph Kim is a physician-executive who blogs at Non-Clinical Medical Jobs, Careers, and Opportunities.


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