Would you ever relocate to a different country for radiography work?

Would you would ever relocate to a different country for radiography work? That’s the question that’s been on my mind for over the past week and I wanted to know what some of the radiologists in my network felt.

Mr Aung from Malaysia said, for me personally it would depend on career and/or research opportunities. It’s a very small world after all, why not go global. As for your second question different background does bring a lot both positive and less positive into the picture. It’s easier if the team has mixed backgound in general, it’s harder if someone is the only “outsider” (just my personal experience).

“I would be interested in relocating to Singapore, Switzerland, The Caribbeans or the US Virgin Islands. Its good to have a diversified team as it allows us to learn and respect each other cultures, customs, languages and knowledges,” says Ms Cecilia Delia from Manila.

My good friend Ms Chan, a radiologist and a mother of 3 working in a hospital here in Singapore says that after 14 years of experience, she would be interested to work in the EU, staffing a small clinic in France, Germany or northern Italy. “I’m in my 40s now and all my children are grown up so it’s just good if me and my husband could relocate in the EU!”

So what about you radiologists out there, where is your dream place to continue your radiographic career. I would love to hear your comments. Cheers!


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