AsiaMed’s Fav List Feb 2011

Yowzy!! It has been a busy start to the year and it seems like that is the case for everyone. Certainly everyone I bump into seems to be working very hard indeed, as the end of March 2011 looms large….No different here at AsiaMed (lots of work across our physician network in Singapore and ASEAN, expansion activities and more). Which is partly by way of explanation for why our blogging did not take off in January (as planned :-P) and why this is the first round-up for a couple of months. Anyway, here are the most interesting and (hopefully) relevant links from the last few weeks or so Favourites:

My fav free iPhone app of the month:  That would have to be Medscape When it was launched in 2009, I doubt many thought it would ever eclipse Epocrates in the top free medical apps section of the App Store, but with significant recent updates it’s accomplished this feat. This app always had a great drug reference section, with over 6,000 generic, brand, and OTC drugs, along with a drug interaction checker.  But with recent updates, Medscape now has a Diseases and Conditions section, along with a Clinical Procedures section.  These added sections aren’t just fluff, they actually contain concise and useful information, with videos and pictures to boot.  We plan on doing a full review in the near future.

My fav medical device post: This Chaaraka medical device design post is something for manufacturers, sales and healthcare professionals to think about as we brace ourselves for the next wave or onslaught (depends on how you look at it of course) of new designs that medical device sales professionals all (fingers crossed) hope would win over the approval of their customers. 

My fav med dev manufacturer’s post:  This post gives you a rare behind scenes look behind Biosensor International’s move after closing down its operation in Southern California, which had once housed 90 people, including the company’s top executives and researchers.

That’s interesting: So we’ve all heard of yeah, well today’s streetdeal was an 80% off Consultation & Treatment by Orchard Health Clinic + Natural Therapies. Will 2011 see more physicians engaging the masses via social media?

News in Singapore:  The good people at Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS) and Health Promotion Board (HPB) have come together to take a good hard look at the public and private medical screening tests scene (sorry, I can’t think of a better way to put that J) and have published the Screening Test Review Committee to provide expert opinion on the appropriate use of specific screening tests. I heard this fresh off the radio this morning and definitely a good read for all healthcare professionals.

Get together and go out:  There’s just no end to the compliments gushing from patrons of this restaurant and you can read the latest raving fan’s experience.Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant is not just an awesome-food-client-impressing restaurant for Japanese food afficianados out there…its so much more than that and you’ve got to go there yourself. 

 What I’ve been up to:….Well, lately I’ve been thinking about the poverty in our neighbouring countries and we are indeed blessed in Singapore to enjoy peace and most importantly, it’s a good place to raise our children. But not many children are as lucky as Singaporean children.  Many of them are forced into labour or worse. I believe children are our future and every child should be a given a chance to learn at school – I mean they are our future leaders! Changes are good if they can benefit society. I’ve been hatching some ideas… like starting a Health-themed art competition to promote health among children. Do you have any ideas? Please email me at


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